California Scents Displays

In 1993 a new idea in air fresheners began surfacing in the Southern California Area, featuring fragrances like Laguna Breeze and Coronado Cherry and packaged in little recyclable aluminum cans; this new idea called California Scents® began to catch on. First distributed in wicker baskets to local businesses by the company founder, Linda Doppes (always accompanied by at least one of her golden retrievers), California Scents®' reputation for quality quickly grew... as did product demand. Soon the basket gave way to the assortment display. Each display contains an ever-changing assortment of old favorites and new scent sensations. The display and assortment have revolutionized the way retailers sell air fresheners and greatly increased customer choice and availability. California Scents® now offers a wide variety of product forms from the original "Spillproof Organic Air Freshener®" to gels and even Crystals, (a renewable air freshener), as well as non-aerosol citrus-based and assorted fragrance sprays. But staying true to Linda's original intent... giving people a better, more effective and longer lasting product - the rest will take care of itself.
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